First DNA Analysis Points to Paso Finos

Two more horses provided DNA samples in May, 1999. The stallion REGULUS was tranquilized with considerably more than the normal dose for a horse his size. He never went down completely but after a great deal of fuss and fury a blood sample was drawn from him. There was concern at the time because while he was 'off duty' MIMOSA rushed in and tried to capture his current mare. But by the nexct day he was fully recovered and back in command. Later, he gave up his mare, ADHARA, to SIRIUS. But a brief observation in September of 99 (during the Hurricane Floyd trip showed Regulus with the filly Bellatrix II.
Filly SPICA had a much better experience. Rehor is able to get close to SPICA and after some rubbing and talking she allowed Rehor to pull some tail hairs which were sent off
for analysis.

The analysis was back by the end of July and the news was exciting; the Abaco Wild Horses are said to "most closely resemble Paso Finos." This is not to say that they are, yet; further testing is needed. But is has become more likely that the horses were either deliberately left by Columbus or came ashore from a Spanish wreck of that era. Paso Finos were the original Columbus horse and the Abaco horses, along with physically resembling Pasos and having initially some similar gentic makeup, also show some of the gaits of Paso Finos.

KOCHAB, the stallion who died before evenr eaching his prime, is shown to be pacing in a blurry photo of him as a small foal. More recently, the mare DUBHE was seen to 'rack.' During an episode where she was being chased by MIMOSA so tucked her chin well into her neck and began a distinctive one, two, three, four beat during which the level of her back never rose or fell. One could truly have carrried a glass of water on the palm of a hand if one were on her back. It was a beautiful sight but did not last long enough for videos.
One of this coming season't goals is to complete colleftion of samples so that a final analysis can be made and a stud book set up.

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