Abaco Wild Horse ID's as of May, 1999, note, these are not the most 'flattering' photos of the horses, but show their most important identifying characteristics.
Achernar, a stallion, all white except for the brown on his neck on both sides. currently ostracized.
Acamar, one of Mimosa's mares, had filly Alnitak in Oct. '98. Strawberry roan.
Adhara, formerly one of Hadar's mares, had Bellatrix II, March, '98. As of May 99 she seems to have joined Sirius.
Aldebaran, had mare Suhail before her death summer of '97. Now with Atria.
Alnitak, filly
Altair, stallion, dead Kochab's son or sibling Atria, lost her foal, summer '98, one of Hadar's mares
Bellatrix II, filly,
Capella, a stallion, pinto with three distinct brown 'circles ' on his back. He has taken over Deneb, but allows Altair to remain close.
Deneb, mare, used to be with Regulus now with Capella and Altair. Had filly Enif on Aug. 8 '98.
Enif, filly, her sire probably was Regulus.
Dubhe, one of Mimosa's mares, aborted about two months before her foal was due.
Hamal, lost her foal, summer '98, one of Hadar's mares
Mimosa, Stallion
Hadar, stallion
Nunki, one of Mimosa's mares, had filly Spica in Sept. '98.
Sirius, stallion, has a severe limp. We hope to be able to help when we do the DNA testing
Regulus, stallion, used to be with Deneb. Probably her foal's sire.
Spica, filly, born to Nunki

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