Farm Management Offers Support

Bahama Star Farm, the three thousand acre citrus farm where the wild horses spend most of their time, has a new manager. Several meetings had been held with Mr. Nason and he has pledged his support for the horses.

He has urged all farm employees to especially careful of the horses. In the past there have been incidents of rock throwing and bicycle chasing and he has stated that the farm will not tolerate this sort of thing in the future. Nason and upper farm management have expressed their support of the proposed preserve and also support the establishment of a paddock for the horses. Originally the idea was to build a permanent paddock. there are portable corrals available, however, which would be much more suitable . A portable corral could be stored under cover until it is needed and thus it will last longer and need far less maintenance. Înjured or at risk animals will not have to be driven to shelter, the corral can be put up around them.

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