Filly Spica Saved By Penicillin

On Tuesday, June 15, 1999, the usual check on the horses showed all looking healthy.

On Thursday the nine month old pinto filly “Spica“ was discovered with big swelling from right knee to right shoulder. Closer inspection (she is one Rehor can approach) showed a tiny cut above the inside of the knee in the midst of the swollen area with pus streaming from the cut. Videos were taken and rushed back to Marsh Harbour where they were shown to Dr. Robert Allen, DVM. He diagnosed an abscess and prescribed 10 days of penicillin shots. Since the doses had to be very concentrated in order to get them into the remote delivery system, Rehor went to local physicians Dr. Elaine Lundy and Dr. Mark Binard who generously provided enough penicillin. Rehor rode back up to the farm and administered the first dose.

By Sunday, June 20, the daily doses of penicillin had taken hold, the swelling began to reduce and the wound was no longer sstreaming.

By June 26th,the eighth dose, the swelling almost gone, drainage stopped, healing was evident. Dr. Allen said that untreated the infection would have spread into the knee joint of the leg and she very likely would have died, probably as bad a death as Acrux‘s.


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