Wish List

All of our activities are dependent upon equipment, both for the office and the field. Each piece of equipment uses supplies in one form or another and then there are maintenance costs; everything that is in the "chart of accounts" or "categories" of a standard bookkeeping program.

Below are some of our most pressing needs:

Administrative needs:

Volunteers; we need to find people who can spearhead work with volunteers both in Abaco and in the US. In Abaco we need people to keep the book shop open on a regular basis and to help with local fund raising. In the US, we need volunteers who would like to set up fund raising events. We need people who would be interested in writing grant applications for us and people who would like to handle presentations aimed at fund raising. We need people who can contact breeders and clubs who could help raise funds for us. And we need help with:

  • Research; into the history of the horses (In archives in Spain, in archives in Nassau); research into DNA of similar breeds (Paso Finos, Florida Cracker Horses, Mustangs)
  • Biological research: How do our horses differ from other breeds, for example, have we got the only herd where a stallion forms extremely close bonds to one mare? Are there other herds where there are no lead mares, but there are 'assistant' stallions?
  • Botanical research; what is growing in the Preserve, how did the forests look before they were clear cut twice?
  • Bird species information.
  • Production of plant and Bird ID sheets and booklets for visitors


  • We need solar panels, a larger battery bank (and appropriate monitoring equipment), a large inverter and a wind generator.
  • Composting toilet
  • Materials to build a solar water heater
  • Equipment to turn a two horse trailer into a mobile clinic, supplies for same
  • Highly efficient refrigeration, possibly propane. A 12 v. unit for the mobile clinic
  • Wood burning stove
  • A diesel powered, four wheel drive pick up truck
  • A unit for converting waste cooking oil into diesel fuel
  • An ultra light aircraft (for patrol work, fire spotting and general observation of the horses and their preserve), or a radio controlled model helicopter with video camera
  • A Grundfos SQFlex submersible pump, solar powered to provide water for living quarters
  • Watr storage tanks, piping, to run from well to base
  • Six matching handheld VHF radios, all AC rechargeable, and battery operated
  • A self powered bush Hog for clearing fire roads, can tow behind tractor or truck

Supplies and Maintenance

  • Fuel and maintenance for pick up truck, tour van, tractor and ToolCat
  • Paint and other maintenance items for living quarters
  • Costs of vehicle licensing and insurance
  • Contributions toward Security / Maintenance men's wages
  • Computer software and OS upgrades

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