Oatsmobile Helps Start Farm Dog Spay/Neuter Program,
SNIP and HSUS Help With Funding

Our acquisition of a 1982 Datsun King Cab pickup truck had the unanticipated benefit of launching our long awaited (10 years) spay and neuter program for the many dogs living on the Bahama Star Farm. The dogs have been a continual source of problems for the wild horses. The animals have become so numerous that when the Oatsmobile made its first trip to the farm, with a dog cage and a kennel in the back, the response was a wonderful surprise. Now that we can transport the dogs, farm residents are happy to participate.

Our first trip carried three females to be spayed, and seven puppies that were

pulled from between the slats of a pallet under a shed. The puppies are headed for homes in the US, thanks to the on going efforts of Kathy Hargreaves and Harry Meline, founders of SNIP, the Spay and Neuter Incentive Program that they founded and have registered as a not for profit.

We wrote to the Humane society of the United States to ask for help with our dog program. They have made a grant of $1000 to SNIP, which will administer the funds solely for the spaying and neutering of the farm dogs.

This is a major advance in our efforts to support the Wild Horses of Abaco. We will now be able to actively help farm residents with their pets, and will be able to offer information about humane care of the animals alongwith the needed spays and neuters.

Our next trip to the farm brought five more dogs in to be spayed and neutered. We also found four more puppies, their mother had died. They were about six weeks old and eating solids. We brought them to Buck a Book and two were immediately adopted. The other two will either be adopted here in Abaco or will join the adoption program administered by SNIP.

Here is "Abby" and her proud owners, Karen and Doug. (Click here for more puppy photos)


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