Spay/Neuter Clinic a Big Success
SNIP, AARF and HSI Help With Funding
The March 2002 Spay and Neuter Clinic resulted in having 26 dogs spayed or neutered on the Bahamas Star Farm, and the removal and placement in adoptive homes of 13 puppies. The clinic was sponsored by SNIP (Spay and Neuter Incentive Program) and AARF (Abaco Animals Require Friends), assisted (but not covered )by a $1000 grant from HSI (Humane Society International) granted to Arkwild through SNIP. At about $50 cost per animal, the grant covered 20 of the 26 animals brought in by Arkwild.

Some of the adoptions were by boaters (see article) and one pup, "Abbie" has already added a cruise to Isla Muheres in Mexico to her passport. She's currently living in Ft. Meyers Fla. Another pup, "The Star Farm Buccanneer" has joined the crew of "Alnilam," Arkwild founder Milanne (Mimi) Rehor's sailboat home. Bucky joins "The Cooperstown Wrecker" on the dog watch.

Both Bucky and Wrecker work with dogs being brought in from other areas to be spayed and neutered. While not abused (their owners care enough to have them 'fixed,") many of these dogs are shy if not outright terrified of people. A few days in the large play pen with Bucky and Wrecker, and watching people come in and out of our shop, a Buck a Book, usually results in a happy dog eager to play with other dogs and visitors. Two eight month old females (spayed) are available for adoption, they make a lovely matching pair. They have long legs, look like oversized brindle whippets, are about 35 lbs each.

The cooperation of Bahamas Star Farm, participation by farm residents, and the manpower and financial help of SNIP and AARF and HSI made the program an outstanding success. And we continue carry dogs to Marsh Harbour from other areas when their owners decide to have them done.
The dog on top enjoyed his fresh air ride. Inside the truck we were able to carry up to six dogs, if they were friends!
Wrecker watches the proceedings.
Wrecker (far left) is trying to grab Bucky's tail. This kind of play helps socialize some of the dogs who stay with us while they are recovering from their spay and neuter operations. Manyof these dogs are shy and afraid of people. The new dogs learn that they can have fun and play and in a few days they get used to having people around.

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