June 2006 Report
Our Abaco Barbs are getting great international exposure, thanks to equine photogrpaher Arnd Bronkhorst who spent three days photographing the horses last April. Arnd wrote about our horses and placed the article, and a cover , in one of Japan's leading horse magaaines.

Arnd then went on to place photos of the Abaco Barbs in a major photo exhibit in Kentucky.

Here in Abaco the horses spent another quiet month. It became apparent that Stallion Mimosa's escapes were being made out of the mini pasture areas where the fence cannot be electrified. To curtail his escapes, which seemed to occur at night, the horses are now allowed access to the pasture only during working hours when the men can keep an eye on things.

There is a double benefit to this curtailment as the bountiful rains have encouraged lush growth of the grasses the horses love but which, in quantity, can be too rich for them. Knowing their time in the pastures is limited, they spend their pasture time grazing steadily with little time out for dozing.

With our tractor gradually being repaired work has finally begin to clear the logging roads that run across the main Preserve road. These roads intersect with the two mile road we had pushed through the Preserve from north to south last summer. The roads will serve multiple purposes: they will act as fire breaks, allowing us to get equipment close to active fire fronts in order to keep them out of the preserve; we will have great flexibility in sectioning off various parts of the Preserve for extra grazing, forage recovery, isolation of horses as needed; and the roads will eventually become part of network which will allow visitors to hike and bike through the area for bird watching and botanizing in addition to visiting the horses.

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