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Next Steps for Our Messy Fergusson Tractor

!We’ve Found Rear Tire Rims!

Here’s the build up

-Two Rear Rims $810
-Shipping to FL 226
-If two rims will fit on one palette shipping to Abaco would be $165. If each rim has to have its own palette, that would be $330

Total $1,366

We’ll have to rent a truck $100
Installation of one old tire and one new tire on the new rims will be $100 each, $200

Total $1566

Mechanics labor to remove old tire, then reinstall two tires in their new rims and get them on Messy
$200. Remember, we’re talking huge tires here.

Total $1766.

Can we do this?

As soon as Messy is up on her hind legs again we can go on to replace her front tires and she would be close to on the road again.
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Fire has been burning around the Preserve for nearly two weeks now. Last week we were ok but after watching smoke clouds range around the western sky, in the direction of the Preserve, what happened this week?

Once again, things got frighteningly close, but our base was spared. Without Messy the tractor on fire control duty there wasn’t much we could do. Once again we were lucky. All along the farm road electricity poles had burned down, still smoldering as linemen put up replacements. If you enlarge the third photo you can see the red glow of burning at the bottom of the pole.

We hope the rainy season will start soon.

Fire skipped an area near the base, several papaya trees are so heavy with fruit that one branch has bowed nearly to the ground.

Due to the drought the dogs’ ‘pool’ is bone dry. Not one to ignore a secure snoozing space, Brutus took a long nap in the tub.
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Here’s an update from our long time team member Susan in Salmon Idaho. Susan’s the gal who got her group of kids to urge Breyer to produce its model of Capella, now a rare and treasured item. Susan’s the driving force that enabled us to buy the battery that just started our old Messy Fergusson after the tractor’s four year dead in a field saga.

"I've kept up the soda can recycling since the 4-H club dissolved. The funds from the cans go to you and the pop tops go to Ronald McDonald House. The ink cartridges I've been doing for a few years, but they are pretty selective so I don''t get many for that. I actually have fun doing the cans cause we have a lot of trash out on the dirt road to my place. so I consider it going on a treasure hunt when I find some cans. Found 7 yesterday!!!!! My clients and some friends are saving their cans for me too. We really don't have a recycling plant in Salmon so when I get to Missoula, MT a few times a year, I take them there."

Can’t do a dollar a month? 12$ a year too much? A bunch of enthusiastic eco kids could help with clean up and recycling, and help us out at the same time.

Here are more how to help ideas <>
The photo below shows Nunki back in 2011, and Messy in better shape. We're working to bring back horses and tractor.
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These are pix of Tony working on Messy before he started her up at the first click. And then Messy got a new tarp for a little bit of protection. ... See MoreSee Less

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Messy Runs Again!
Tony Jones did it!

It took over two hours to get the alternator lined up and tightened, having to re work other mechanics’ work arounds. Then find out the ignition needs replacement. Check oil, check fuel, check radiator, and then jump the ignition. First touch and she fired! Only a tiny puff of exhaust. I was so excited I nearly dropped the camera, so the video shows mostly the ground, but listen to that sound! Still smooth after so much neglect. Now to find rims for the rear tires, another rear tire, and two front tires.
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This morning at 9 am I’m heading out to the farm next to the Abaco Island Horse Preserve to try to start our tractor, Messy Ferguson.

The alternator has been repaired, there is a new battery (courtesy of a team member and long time supporter) and some fresh diesel. The words of advice have been “It’s a diesel, she should run!” Cell reception is spotty way out there, I’ll post some live video if I can. If not I’ll post later in the day, Stay Tuned!

Those of you who are following the adventure know that Messy sat in a field for four year after a borrower blew a rear tire. Once she’s running the next step is to get two rear rims and 3 tires replaced. We have one new rear tire. We’ll be able to fight fire again, clear the fire and hiking roads, start clearing growth from years of neglect. We'll be moving again!
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We’ve reached another milestone! On Monday February 19, Kean Smith, one of our volunteers in Nassau, attended a meeting with Mr. Marvin Dames, Minister of National Security for The Bahamas. Kean planned to emphasise our hopes for attendance of some representatives from the Ministry at an introductory program about Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sponsored by Nature’s View, Inc in South Carolina. Kean was astonished and delighted to find that Minister Dames, along with Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson, had not only accepted the invitation submitted earlier but were eager to move on to the event. Correspondence is flowing and we hope to have an itinerary soon. We will be looking forward to reports from the event, and videos of the activities involved. Another big step towards restoring the Preserve infrastructure, establishing a satellite EAL program here in Abaco, thus preparing a place for the restoration and return of the Abaco Island Horses with many benefits to Bahamians and visitors alike. ... See MoreSee Less

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