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It’s a Monday and I just vaporized the post I’d written over the weekend. I’ll try again.

We’re in a ‘watching the grass grow’ phase: lots going on though hard to see results right away.

We’re full steam ahead on a multi media presentation for several Ministries of the Bahamas Government about our proposed equine therapy program. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to show some important people the benefits of having such a program here while we wait for the other phases of returning our island horses to Abaco develop.

Our tractor has been sitting in an open field for three years while we waited for repair of a rear tire destroyed while she was on loan. We thought we were really making progress when two local farmers proposed a repair in exchange for use idea. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out. But we are hoping that this week the manager of another local farm will help move the tractor back into a safe compound on the farm. We’ve already lost our towing bar, and now that there is more visible activity in the area it will be a big step to keep what’s left safe. Hopefully Messy Ferguson will be reunited with her new tire in a place where, as funds become available, she can be restored. She has fought fire, cleared roads, carried supplies. We need her for the Preserve restoration. We sure could use a patron or patroness with a love for old tractors that can be made to run again. Lots of photos and details available!
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The meeting was most successful! There is interest in moving forward, and I think we can say we're starting to take the next steps. The process takes time but we are on the path. Please continue your support, we're moving! And while the posts may be a tad slow in coming, we'll keep you posted! ... See MoreSee Less

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Our meeting this morning at the Ministry of National Security has been moved up and will begin shortly. This meeting is to present our plan to establish an Equine Assisted Therapy program at the Preserve as we move ahead with the Abaco Island Horse restoration project. We hope to have a report as soon as possible. Stay tuned! ... See MoreSee Less

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We've just received a letter from the Ministry of National Security for a meeting with us next month, 13 October, to discuss a letter we submitted about establishing an equine therapy programme at the Preserve while awaiting the arrival of the Abaco Horses. The Ministry of National Security is the primary law enforcement and national defence agency within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The benefits of equine therapy programmes for law enforcement and defence personnel are well documented. Launching this programme will be the first of four steps to restore the Abaco Island Horses. Wish us well! And remember that the Preserve has to be in perfect condition before any horses arrive. Please support our needs for operational expenses: $12 for an entire year from each of the folks who like and follow us. We can do it! ... See MoreSee Less

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As we peek cautiously around the horizon and see at least a brief span of no immediate danger we see that entire islands are devastated. We all need to do what we can to help at home and abroad. And in a strange, round about way Restoration of the Abaco Island Horses and their Preserve can have a profound impact on the future well being of the people and creatures torn by the recent storms all over the Caribbean..

First a recap of some still very strong facts, and then a new idea of far reaching possibilities:

Fact: Kean Smith is working hard in Nassau to continue to push our Abaco Island Horse Restoration agenda with three Ministries: Agriculture, Environment and Tourism all have key roles to play, with benefit for all. Parliament is back in session after the August break, and despite the horrors of Irma’s destruction, a major project like the Restoration can bring great future good to the entire country.

Fact: we are incredibly close to 6000 followers and people who like us. We are struggling desperately to raise simple operational expenses to get the Preserve back to standard. We love the comments and good words but we need our men back on the job with two week whackers, a chain saw and a hub for the rear wheel of the tractor tire for Messy Fergusson. We’re looking at a Dollar A Month from you out there reading this. That’s 12 dollars a YEAR. And we’d be on our way. No bells or whistles, just hard work and a few tools. If you are following our story, you know what we are trying to do. As a team members said, don’t just follow the story, be a part of the glory. 12 Dollars A Year. The influence of our project can go far beyond the horses:

Fact: There are hurricane, fire, bug, tornado proof buildings in the world, they are called Monolithic Domes. Google Monolithic Domes. It is strongly urged that any of you interested in the welfare of humans and animals that live in the paths of these threats learn about Monolithic Domes, talk to government officials about them. Sure, they look like funny gum drops, some of them. But one can add all the wood carvings and details one wants around the outside, knowing the heart, the core, is Safe.

Dream: Two Monolithic Domes on the preserve; two structures using the same airform and of a size to be offered to other groups for similar safe havens. The forms are reusable. Small Eco Shells can make a large number of dwellings for small families, all using one shell airform, local labor, minimal skills.

Think about it. Then do what you can.
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Having net trouble and stalled installation of Facebook update. Patience needed as I can't reply fast. ... See MoreSee Less

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