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The last four pages of our Visitor Book just were posted. As promised, here are the text versions. Please help us bring back experiences like these!

this has been an awesome day! So amazing to be with and touch wild horses. Thanks!

Never thought we would be able to get so close to the horses? What a experience!

It felt like step back in time . . . the horses were an inspiration. It was a truly remarkable adventure with an amazingly talented and caring guide. thank you for sharing your passion with me. The Blue Hole was pure magic, I feel blessed indeed.

Another fabulous adventure - remarkable in every way. The horses were unbelievable, a history we were to incredibly lucky to share. The whole day, blue holes, black holes and towers are a must to see.

Seeing the wild horses was wonderful, looking very healthy and content. Preserve is very nice, needs to stay that way.

…today was just breath taking. I can’t believe these horses have been here so long. . . . thank you so very much for inviting us to come and have such an unforgettable day getting so close to them was a dream come true.

I simply cannot find the words to describe how breathtakingly awesome the horses are! The bush, the overlook of the farm . . .

Thank you for a wonderful visit to see the wild horses. We applaud your efforts and love seeing the horses intheir natural habitat.

Thank you for a once in a lifetime chance to meet and pet such a wonderful specimen of history! After seeing the horses lumch by the Blue Hole was great!

We feel we understand more now what would be lost if the horses are allowed to become extinct.

I finally feel like I’ve met an old friend.Having heard accidentally about this place a few years ago. I’m impressed . . .

As a horse lover, and someone who works in the thoroughbred industry, I’m a bit emotionally overwhelmed right now. I’m stunned at the majesty, the beauty, the staunch resolve ot these magnificent animals.

Thank you Mimi! What a wonderful experience to see these beautiful, gentle, kind horses. . . .you are preserving a remarkable piece of Abaco history and helping it continue into a successful future for the beautiful horses.

We have learned a tremendous amount about Abaco, the Bahamas as well as the wild horses. We’ll take back wonderful memories that will stay with us always. I hope the obstacle faced in your successful stewardship of these horses and land are resolved . . .

The (scene) and the beauty of the horses majesty made a difference to every aspect I thought made Abaco. I love the simplicity and lovely gentle form of the horses beauty and I hope they’re around much, much longer. They made me feel peace if only for an hour, and your a great woman of this beautiful gift you are giving the world . . . it’s a soul lifting experience!

what an experience - it’s just wonderful. You know peace in this place. The horses are beautiful and so friendly! The Blue Hole is perfect for lunch too.

The best I’ve seen in Abaco, highly recommend for all horse lovers.

It’s hard to find words to describe the horses and the land - magical! To be in the midst of such beautiful creatures and knowing their history is a privilege. Walking amongst the horses on their terrain was such a peaceful, beautiful experience and for that, we are grateful for all the effort that goes into it.

It was absolutely wonderful to see these animals. Hopefully with more of the loving care they are receiving they will continue to breed and rebuild the herd. thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Yes the horses came to us. Mother, daughter and the big bay with two other girls. Great day. Awesome history behind these lovely horses, I feel privileged to have shared a moment with them.

Visited with the most beautiful horses.

This was a wonderful experience! Getting to see such beautiful horses in their natural, wild habitat is such a treasure. . . . It would be a shame for our children to not have the same experience.

Thanks for tour! Very interesting to see . . . the Bahamian Government able to see its importance in having these special horses.


I still can’t believe what an amazing experience this has been! The horses were so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for alerting everyone to these things that are happening to the horses.

It is so exciting to see the (fine?) horses and to know their lineage. It is like looking at living history. Thanks so much for showing me these magnificent creatures. I was stunned that they were so comfortable with us that they took naps! Your passion for this project is infectious.

What a beautiful breathtaking view and experience of wild horses. thank you for making this so memorable.

Best trip - never expected to see them so close and personal.

A fantastic experience and unforgettable day.

An absolutely brilliant day and wonderful experience.

the horses are amazing and I”m really glad they have a really great person to look after them. It has been one of my favorite B’Day presents I ever had. Thanks.

I hope the rest of the world comes to help you soon.

thanks for taking us to see the wild horses. You are doing vital and important work here.

It was a privilege to see these special horses and geography of Abaco. I hope that they will thrive.

It seems unreal to hear about these horses from far away, but being here with them makes it very, very real. It’s great to get to see them up close!

Thank you so much for your extraordinary hospitality and a personalized window into some remarkable beauty and history.

Thanks for a wonderful morning. Your work is inspiring. Much luck with this important work!

What a wonderful ob you have done!

The stallion was amazing!I wish good luck to the dogs, the horses and you and your stuff. I hope I can grow up to be like you and help save a species.

Thanks so much for the tour, we’ve been wanting to see the horses for years. They look happy and healthy.

What a wonderful project . . .never give up!
thank you. Simple, yet it says so much. Tony and I hope this project continues, the horses must continue on Abaco. The reserve is not only home for the horses but for all species that call this place home. We will hope you have success with the government - in every way.

Thank you very much! I’ve lived in the Bahamas all my life and never thought I would get to see this. I’ve always loved horses. I hope one day they will get back to big numbers. I think it’s great what you do, don’t give up. I hope one day your dreams for the horses come true.

What a wonderful experience. I wish everyone who loves horses could see and hear this sad story (but wonderful).

What a tremendous surprise! My fourth trip to Abaco and I never saw the wild horses of Abaco before. Wonderful!

We had a spectacular time. Abaco is beautiful and we will certainly be back again. the horses are breathtaking. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

We finally met Mim and will be on our way to see the horses shortly. (My boyfriend) and I chose to come to Abaco this year because of the horses. (My boyfriend) is Bahamian and we like to visit an out island every other year. When we read about the horses, we knew this was the place to visit. What a wonderful day!D We hiked down to the pasture and found the herd relaxing in the shade. We were able to visit them, take pictures (Bella, mostly, as she’s such a ham) and pet them. they[re beautiful. Now we’re off to the blue Hole. thanks so much Mim. It was a pleasure meeting you and Jean and visiting with the horses was MAGICAL.

Visited the horses today. A wonderful and long overdue trip

What a beautiful adventure to the horses, the dogs, the cat. Thank you Mimi for being here on Abaco to be the good mother we all should strive to be. Kindness to animals is the basis for kindness in the world, to be able to look beyond our own nose and recognize the beauty and special-ness of all living beings. I know Abaco is a better place since you tossed your anchor overboard. for me, you, the horses, dogs and lone kitty have been a gift today, the most important moment for me to reconnect to my own past on this island. Gandhi said the greatness of a nation is seen by the way they treat their animals. Carry on, girl!

Thank you so much for showing us the horses, your dogs and the gong. We had a wonderful time and the horses are beautiful.

Thank you for a beautiful morning. It was a lovely treat to see the horses.

What a glorious morning, learning all about these most special Abaco animals. We are so happy to have found out about your tour. thank you for your efforts to preserve these treasures.

This has been extraordinary!

Wonderful experience!

Blue Hole is a sacred place of Abaco, no place like it any place in the world. Hope you cam keep it that way.
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Our Guest Book, visitors' comments ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Guest Book, visitors' comments ... See MoreSee Less

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In a few more days we'll reach the end of the comments in our Visitor Book. Here is a quote that I think sums up what I think we were able to make happen to some degree on Preserve with the horses. And what could exist again with adequate support. Perhaps replace 'leader' with curator or guide:

P. 212,"the Highly Sensitive person," by Elaine N. Aron, Broadway Books.

"I like the way that anthropologists speak of ritual {curatorial} leadership and ritual space. Ritual leaders {curators, guides} create for others those experiences which can only take place within a ritual, sacred, or transitional space, set aside from the mundane world. Experiences in this sort of space are transformative and give meaning. Without them life becomes drab and empty. The ritual leader {curator} marks off and protects the space, prepares others to enter it, guides them while there, and helps them return to society with the right meaning from the experience. Traditionally, these were often initiation experiences marking life's great transitions . . . Others were meant to heal, to bring a vision or revelation that gave direction, or to move one into closer harmony with the divine (nature).

Today sacred spaces are quickly made mundane. They require great privacy and great care if they are to survive."
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Hi Everbody, Today was the day of our meeting with the Ministry of the Environment, our 'home' ministry. There were a few changes, everything is positive and we'll be getting a report out to you all shortly. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our Guest Book, visitors' comments ... See MoreSee Less

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