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Buy fun products and help the horses at Cafe Press our growing online shop where we’ve started with tote bags featuring our unique graphics. More items to come soon. A great way to help the horses, spread the word about their plight and find fun gifts for you and your friends.

Form a Giving Circle: A new idea that is catching on fast is to form a “Giving Circle,” or “Charity Club. A small group of individuals each puts in a stake – $100, $500, $1,000. The group then “invests” in a charitable activity, in our case, the Wild Horses of Abaco. The gift can be annual, monthly, whatever. By combining their giving, members multiply their impact and in turn enjoy the fellowship among themselves as they share a common giving goal. Arkwild Inc. has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in the U.S. Donations are tax deductible

Give a Buck: A Texas Volunteer raised $1000.00 by asking friends to:”Give a Buck” for the Wild Horses of Abaco. You could do it, too!

Go Shopping! Visit the iGive mall for easy, secure on line shopping at over 240 nationally known stores . A percentage of whatever you buy at the mall is donated to Arkwild, Inc., for the Abaco Wild Horses.

Three Easy Steps
1. Join for FREE   (click here to go off site to register). Just click your ‘back’ button to come back here.
2. Shop online at any of the 240+ stores in the Mall at You’ll see all your favorites, including, CDNow, Barnes&Noble, and JCPenney!
3. Arkwild receives a check for up to 25% of each purchase!

If you go to iGive as a referral you can help Arkwild earn bonus points when you and your friends join and request that donations be made to Arkwild. When you Shop at up to 25% of your purchase price is given as a donation to Arkwild, Inc.

After a member makes a purchase, Arkwild, Inc. receives a check from for 100% of the donation percentage listed adjacent to each merchant on the site. Members can use the Web site to track the funds they’ve raised, or to see how much their cause has received overall.

Your donations remain tax deductible. All Of Your Online Shopping goes to Arkwild, Inc. and the Wild Horses of Abaco.

Adopt a “potcake”
or “pot cat” into a forever loving home  – the ultimate souvenir from the Islands (We’ll help with arrangements to get a delightful member of this fabulous Bahamian breed to you in the states)

Send us Prayers  for success in this continued undertaking – intangible, perhaps, but none-the-less priceless.

Thank you for Supporting us and our efforts to preserve and protect these rare and wonderful creatures.

Arkwild Inc. has 501(c)(3) tax exempt status
Your donations are tax deductible