About This Site

This Site Is Dedicated to the Memories of
Owanta Gottlieb von Sanden
and Jill Weech.

Their love for the wild creatures and places of Abaco lives on
and has provided both inspiration and mandate for the efforts of
the Arkwild, Inc. and WHOA..

The artwork, text and most of the photos for this site were created and produced by me, Milanne Rehor, so any errors are entirely mine.

David Bricker of Spot Grafix, Inc. gave me endless hours of encouragement and technical information. David’s merciless insistence that I learn HTML code first intimidated me, and then set me free to actually do the original site.  David encouraged me to move on to this streamlined site, did a great deal of work on it and stood by as I blundered through the rest.  This site simply could not have happened without the Internet expertise of Spot Grafix, Inc.

The AWHF wouldn’t have become a reality without the faith of Dr. Richard Brown, Ph.D. and Dr. Joseph Lacret, D.V.M. who not only encouraged the formation of the AWHF, they became its first Board of Directors. And thanks to John Thomas belong here too.

The AWHF couldn’t continue to exist without the support of its members, a varied and wonderful group of people whom I wish could all meet each other at once because we’d have such a great time together.

And, the story of the wild horses of Abaco never would have been written in the first place without the kind and patient help of the many people of Abaco who answered my endless questions and who took me into their lives and became my friends.

And, before and after all, in memory of my parents who are not here to see the result, but who set me on the path.