The most magical thing happened today. I went to the Wild Horses of
Abaco preserve with Mimi tho my back was screaming not to……I rode
up on their ancient tractor so we could get back to where Hadar might
be. Hadar is the one and only remaining stallion anyone has seen in the
past 5 years. He is well into his 20’s and may or may not be
interested in breeding. The workers see him a few times a month but I
never expected to see him. Been hearing about him. All hope lies with
him right now……………………….. Needle in a haystack to say
the least. The tractor ride was amazingly comfortable and we went on
out an old logging road all the way to the very very back of what used
to be a huge citrus grove…..45 minutes into the ride I saw him. He
was upwind of us and the wind was very loud so he did not see or hear
us. We turned the tractor off and hoofed it thru what would have been
impossible b4 the fire but is slick now….in patches big enough to
walk flat footed. I went towards his head and Mimi went towards his
rear quite a ways away and I was taking pictures all the way…..will
post them later. But there he was. When he finally did see me I did as
I have been taught by Bruce Anderson with Nature’s View and turned my
back to him. I walked away at an angle so he did not feel
threatened……and then stopped and turned back slightly. He was still
staring at me stock still. It was not until Mimi showed up behind him
that he quietly turned and walked away. He is in decent flesh, looked
sound at a walk and as we walked back to the tractor in the same
direction he was walking he simply melted into the tall grass or woods

If we can recreate this, Mimi could get a shot with the tranq gun and
we could walk him in with a crew or put him in the ‘trailer’ which is
not really a trailer but would work, and see if we have a breeding
stallion or not. Keeping fingers crossed and in the meantime I feel
very fortunate indeed to have seen what up till now has been a mythical
creature….may as well have been a Chestnut Unicorn.

Sami Bolton

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