Flyover Search for Stallions

Thursday, October 21 . . . A flyover of the area to the south of the Wild Horse Preserve was provided by a good friend and supporter of WHOA. Unfortunately neither Hadar nor Capella was seen, but this is not cause for concern. Yet. When the tractor was working and we could get to the back field, Hadar was not seen on several trips. Capella has only been seen by two people in the last four years. Palms grow up under a covering layer of pine tops. Any horse under the palms will be invisible. Even Capella, with his bright white spots, could hide easily anywhere in the thousand or so acres of the area.

We are hoping that our tractor will be repaired soon and that we’ll be able to get fuel to do more searches.  Please remember, we’re trying to build our subscription base.  Small monthly payments add up to big help for us.  We have had very few visitors during the economic downturn. Visitors are our major source of income. The continuing refusal of the government to provide clean pastures for the horses means that we have the added expense of buying and freighting in their grain supplement and we continue to be hard pressed to pay the weekly wages of the two workmen who look after the horses.

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