“Fruit Punch Club” Donates to W.H.O.A

We recently received this from some very generous “Angel Donators”. We would like to thank them VERY much for their hard work and love for the horses. Their donation will surely help with saving these wonderful creatures! The “FRUIT PUNCH CLUB” has an open invitation to visit the horses whenever they like.

Keep up the good work and thank you!
Your friends at Wild Horses of Abaco

My name is Kate Brown, my mom Crystal just recently sent you an email. I am a member of “Fruit Punch” along with my friends, Leah, Elizabeth, Maddy O., Maddy F., Emily, Gracey, Halle(pronounced ha-lee), Kaden, and Ethan. We have just raised 52$ at a bake sale we organized selling home made items with the highest price of $1.25 in exception to 2 loaves of home made bread that were sold for $4 each. Leah also made a poster that hung on the front our table explaining what happened to the horses and how the money made would help save this amazing species. We all have a keen interest in horses so when some of ours old kindergarten teacher Marg Ray ( who recently visted the horses and gave an extra $100 donation) put an article in the paper talking about the horses and the website where you can donate we all thought it would be a perfect topic to raise money for using our club known as Fruit Punch. Here is a bit of background info about our club……..

One Summer Elizabeth Peterson, Leah and Maddy Oster, and me (Kate Brown) were at our babysitters. We were sitting on the deck trying to think of a way to make the world a better place. That’s when Elizabeth came up with the idea of making a club that we could use to help raise money for charities. We all thought that was a great idea, all we needed was a name. We all thought of names but none seemed right. Then Leah thought of the name “Fruit Punch” We all gave her a look like, ‘ how does THAT have anything to do with what we’re trying to put out”. But once she told us that we should call it Fruit Punch symbolizing all the variety of people and animals it would help, we thought it was great. So that’s how Fruit Punch was born. We got right to work making jewelry and other kinds of art( hand painted flower pots, bracelets…….). We spent the rest of the Summer and Fall making things to sell. During that time the other members ( Halle, Emily, Maddy F., Gracey, Kaden and Ethan) joined. Then we found out that mine Leah’s Maddy’s, Emily’s Maddy F’s and Halle’s school H.H.Langford was having a craft sale. When we found out we were allowed to do a bake sale there we were really excited and made tones of food including pumpkin muffins, cupcakes, bread, cookies……. The Sale was a great success and we raised $78 plus a separate jar which we put out to get extra donations for the horses and we got $13 from that. But we have another cause we were doing and that is the humane society. So we split 78 in half and gave 39 to the humane society and 39 plus the 13 to the horses( $52). We are continuing to choose different charities to fund every year but keeping the horses no matter what. We hope the donation helps and would love if you could email us to let us know you got this letter.

Thanks, Fruit Punch Members


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