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At last, we seem to be closing in on a mechanic who can repair our tractor.  He used to work on our machine years ago when it was on the citrus farm.  He’s coming out Saturday we hope we’ll bee out looking for the stallions soon thereafter.

The mares look good, though Acamar kicked out a truck headlight in a fit of pique because her morning grain was late. We are incredibly fortunate to have found a retired equine vet on a nearby island who is interested in helping the horses.  More as that develops.

WHOA, Wild Horses Of Abaco Preservation Society at long last is a duly and officially registered NGO (not for profit) in the Bahamas. We are planning on a meeting ss soon as we can gather the board, and will be electing  new board members and moving ahead with newed energy.

We’ve posted a new photo album on Facebook, <>  and hope that you enjoy it.  Here are the top three photos from the album:

Nunki wants to meet Leo

Leo is not sure about this


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