4.26.11 – Kids Battle Invasive Plants

Kids Battle Aliens!

On April 26, 2011 , 11 young people form Hopetown spent most of the day battling invasive alien plants in two heavily infested water holes on the Abaco Wild Horse Preserve. Armed only with plastic bags and a willingness to get very muddy, they waded into the horses’ drinking areas and pulled out hundreds and hundreds of sprouting Brazilian pepper trees. Several clumps had over a hundred seedlings all growing vigorously despite the crowding. Brazilian pepper has taken over entire forests in Florida ad control of it is labor intensive in the extreme. Each and every plant must be pulled out by the roots, when possible, or treated with an herbicide. Fire does not kill it. While it is not immediately toxic to the horses, it can kill the forest in which they live.

Tami Cash and Kent LeBoutillier gathered the team and joined in the work. After the big collection, everyone went to the Blue Hole for swim and snacks.
Charlie Cash, a member of the battle team, also presented the Wild Horses Of Abaco with a donation that she raised by asking her friends for help and contributing her own money. Thank You Charlie!

Tami and Marty Cash donated a custom made pool liner for our trailer/water transporter. This has greatly increased the amount of water we can pump and carry for the base, and for fire fighting. Thank you!

And thanks to everyone who participated in this first of what we hope will be many attacks on the Aliens.

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