Stallion Hadar Found!

Stallion Hadar is found, back in his usual pasture

On Thursday, February 24 Dr. Fritz and I found Hadar, the outside stallion who was deceased Achernar’s friend. He looks good and still is moving well.  We looked farther  for the others, no luck.  We were euphoric, because a six hour search the week before turned up no fresh signs of any of the outside stallions. As a result of feeling so much relief, we ‘went off watch’, we weren’t paying proper attention to the heavy tractor and the rough track. On a road in the Preserve the  tractor lurched right, I went airborne then it  lurched left and I went under one of those huge rear wheels. I thought it was all over.

The tire tore up my right foot, ran over my groin, nicked a  rib, but nothing broke and no internal organs were affected.  Abut 10 minutes after it happened I got myself sitting up while Dr. Fritz went for the truck.  So grateful it didn’t happen out in the bush because it was very hard to move me. Got stitches in the foot, a friend had a large guest who carried me into the living room of her house (which is a small but real castle) and got me on to a very welcome futon where I’ve been ever since. Even though I’m going to have some spectacular bruises and my foot is turning blue and purple, and I can stand but not move much, I am very, very grateful because I could have been totally crushed had it gotten me a few more inches more to the right.     So, we plod on.

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